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The Klassen Family

Pastor Will & Cindy Klassen,

Bethany, Virginia, Joseph, Emily, Hannah, Micah, Marcos, Abigail

Our Testimonies

Pastor Klassen's Testimony

and Call to Ministry


The Bible is relevant in today’s world, but is beneficial only when applied personally. This has been the most meaningful discovery in my life.

A religious home and a traditional Mennonite background gave me knowledge of many Bible facts. I never personally received salvation until the age of nineteen, when I heard a clear Gospel presentation for the first time at an independent Baptist church I had been invited to attend. I responded to the message and accepted Christ as my Saviour.


As I began to grow in the Lord I was baptized and, seeking a deeper walk with God, started attending Bible College. During my second year I felt the Lord calling me to the ministry of a missionary church planter. Because of my background, I had a burden for Mennonite people who had a similar upbringing to mine, and wanted to see them come to know Jesus Christ as personal Saviour.





Cindy's Testimony


I grew up in a home that was influenced but not dominated by Mennonite culture and beliefs. My parents were saved and came out of a Mennonite church where many good things were taught, but salvation was not clearly presented.


Around the age of eight I was involved in a children’s mailbox club, and with my mom’s help I responded to an invitation to receive Christ. At the age of sixteen, I began attending Pembina Valley Baptist Church along with my family. Just over a year later I met Will and we were married in October of 1999.

Since that time I have been happily obeying God’s call to assist my husband. We have been blessed with nine wonderful children, eight of whom testify of a personal relationship with Jesus.



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